Marin Show

Ray Tracey attended the Marin Show: Art of the Americas on February 26th and 27th.

The Marin show has become the most substantive and extensive showcase focused on the indigenous arts from across North, central and South America. More than 200 dealers, collectors, and artists from the world joined the show.

This is the second time that Tracey Designs, Inc attended the show. We are delighted to see many new and returning customers. Everyone was surprised and happy to see Ray Tracey. For the Marin show, we brought many new designs, including cabochon jewelry. Some of these new designs will be coming soon to our online store too!!

We are looking forward to seeing you next year. 


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Sandra Mascarenas
Sandra Mascarenas

July 28, 2011

Hey! I just discovered your blog! I will now be able to keep up with where you are…..
I used to go to Santa Fe to your gallery so often when it was there. I miss it very much. The last time I went was in 2000 when you were there in July. I bought so many beautiful pieces that day. I always looked forward to going there and just wanted to say how much I miss it!!!

Ms. Christmas 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Christmas 4th Grade Teacher

May 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Tracey,
We live by the Everglades, in Naples, Florida. Every year when we study Florida history my 4th grade class watches Joe Panther. For the last nine years every student in my class has been profoundly affected by your performance and it remains their most favorite movie of all time. We found your website and want to tell you that we really are happy that you are doing so well. We just wanted to make contact with you and thank you for bridging the two cultures and opening our eyes to the great Seminole Tribe and their culture.
With Respect,
Ms. Christmas’ 4th Grade Class


April 09, 2011

3cghNO You’re the greatest! JMHO

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