Old-World & Cabochon

The Spaniards brought old world designs to the Southwest in the 19th century.

The Crescent (Naja) symbol that was found on the horse’s bridles is symbolic to the Navajo People. It symbolizes Rainbow Guardian, which surrounds the People’s homeland touching all four Sacred Mountains. The Navajo also found designs of plants and flowers carved on the Conquistador’s leather saddles and chaps.

The tooling of the Spaniard's leatherwork inspired Ray to create 2011 designs.

Ears of corn and corn stalk carvings are a central theme accented with flowers and leaves. In Navajo mythology, First Man and First Woman were made from the ears of corn. Corn is sacred to the Navajo.  The integration of non-traditional cabochons and turquoise make this line a blending of Old World and New World.