Tribal Series

Every tribe in the U.S. has its own identity and culture. With the Tribal Series collection, we are attempting to demonstrate these differences. Ray designed elements from certain tribe that are unique to that tribe.



The Ojibwa mostly inhabited the shores around the Five Great Lakes and their tributaries.

Canoe & Paddle Pendant

When harvesting wild rice and when transporting from village to village, they used canoes. The canoe and paddle are very symbolic to them for that reason. The floral design in the pendant has been used in the Ojibwa's traditional bead craft.

Feather Pendant

The feather is common in to all Native American tribes to express welcome, friendship, and peace - appears in all sorts of ceremonies and rituals.



Naja Pendant

The Navajo first saw the Naja on the bridles of Spanish horses. The Naja or crescent is a symbol of the Rainbow Guardian, a Yei that surrounds the homeland of the Navajo. Rainbow Guardian touches all four of Sacred Mountains. It symbolizes protection and living in harmony while living in the boundaries of the Four Sacred Mountains.

Split Corn Pendant

The split Corn Pendant is symbolic of the creation story. The first man and woman were made from ears of corn. The Yei face symbolized the first human, and the corn symbolized the origins of humans.



Comanche War Shield

The Comanche were fierce warriors. In the middle of the shield are horseshoe symbols that mean successful horse riding. The lines at the top show how many times a man counted a coup, which was to slap the enemy and live to tell about it. He didn't kill him or get killed. The turquoise rectangle means he is a war chief.