Made-to-order: 14K Gold Reversible Bear Pendant with Diamond or Turquoise eyes


The price shown in "Made-to-order" is as of May 2022. The price fluctuates depending on the Gold Market. We will let you know how much it will be before placing order. 


    Height:1” With Bale

    Width: 3/4”


  • 14K Gold 
  • Diamond or Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (eyes) 


      Tracey Vintage

 This item is made-to-order. Please contact us if interested.

The Bear has many different meanings to the Native American people. To the Navajo it has two particular meanings. The bear was thought to be a protector of children. Bears would raise children found in the wilderness as bear cubs. The other meaning of a Bear was a wild and ferocious hunter. To make mean warriors, elders feed bear claws to young boys in their food.

The both sides show "Heart Line" which runs from the mouth of the bear directly through to the heart, symbolizes that whatever is taken into the self, either from the physical or spiritual world, provides the knowledge or experience which molds the individual.  What you bring into your heart, you will give back to the world. 

* Chain/code sold separately

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