Reversible Signature Line 14K Gold Square Split Yei Pendant



  • Black Onyx
  • Chinese Turquoise
  • Chrysoprase
  • Lapis
  • White Magnesite


  • 14K Yellow Gold 
  • Sterling Silver available upon request (made-to-order



  • Height: 1 1/4"
  • Width: 1" 

COLLECTION: Signature Line

  • The finest and most exclusive collection selected by Ray Tracey

  • YEI: Yei is the abbreviated word for the mythical holy figure in Navajo mythology known as Yei-Bei-Chei.  There are many Yeis and each possessing different healing powers of equal importance.  The female figure is depicted with a square head and the male figure with a round head.

    At healing ceremonies, the medicine man etches the images of Yeis into the sand on the floor of the sick person's hogan.  The ailing individual then sits upon this site and his illnesses are drawn out of the body, into the sand.  The medicine man removes the sickness permanently from the dwelling as he scoops the sand and tosses it into the four directions of the wind.

    Ray Tracey’s signature pieces are a testimony to Ray’s status as one of the most talented jewelry artist of our time.  Pieces are sometimes one of a kind, or a limited edition.

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