Small Feather Pendant (Turquoise)

565-114 SBT
This is the last handmade sterling silver small feather pendant with Turquoise
  • SIZE: 
    • Hight: 1 1/2" with Bale
    • Width:   3/8"
    • Sterling Silver
  • BEAD:
    • Turquoise
  • LINES:
    • Tracey Vintage


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Native American Symbols: The Eagle Feather  


 "It was believed that the eagle could fly high enough to touch the face of God"



If given turquoise by a loving friend, this stone protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship. It also brings peace to the home. Please learn more about turquoise that Ray Tracey uses in his jewelry collection.

The Sleeping Beauty mine is seven miles outside of Globe, Arizona. It is noted for its solid, light blue color with no matrix. The host rock is usually granite. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is the favorite of the Zuni Pueblo silversmiths for use in petit point, needlepoint and inlay jewelry. This mine is one of the largest in North America. Monty Nichols, owner and miner of the Sleeping Beauty mine, says that the mine is producing about 1600 pounds a month. Of that, only 4% is natural. Most of the turquoise from the mine, 80-90%, is altered in some way. Most of that percentage is enhanced, which is more expensive than stabilization, and sold to large distributors in this country and Europe. Now, most of the turquoise that comes out of that mine comes from the tons of tailings piles that have been accumulating all these years.

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