Made-to-order: Heart Line Bear Pendant #20

065-251 #20

  • SIZE: 
    • Height:1" and 3/4" with Bale 
    • Width:1 and 3/8"
  • Material: 
    • Sterling Silver
  • STONES: 
    • Chinese Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • LINE: 
    • Tracey Vintage
  • The chain is not included in the price
The Heart Line Bear is one of the most important Native American symbols and has many positive connotations throughout Native  American Lore.  A fierce warrior and great hunter, the bear with its heart line represents wisdom and the lifeline to the soul.  It is a symbol of supreme power, and is known to have a spirit unruly and wild.  

The Heart Line, which runs from the mouth of the bear directly through to the heart, symbolizes that whatever is taken into the self, either from the physical or spiritual world, provides the knowledge or experience which molds the individual.  What you bring into your heart, you will give back to the world.


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