Small Sunburst Bear Pendant #45

NSP047 #45
      • Descriptions
        Native Samurai Bear Jewelry

        The Bear is decorated with the Samurai Helmet “V” with the Navajo Corn Stalk design elements. The Bear has many different meanings to the Native American people. To the Navajo it has two particular meanings. The bear was thought to be a protector of children. Bears would raise children found in the wilderness as bear cubs. The other meaning of a Bear was a wild and ferocious hunter. To make mean warriors, elders of the tribe would feed bear claws to young boys in their food.

        The chain is not included in the price

      • Materials

        Sterling Silver 
        Stones: Chinese Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Lapis
  •  Measurement 

    Height : 1 1/2" with Bale
    Width: 1"

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