Sunburst Round Yei Pendant #15

NSP024 #15
  • Descriptions

    Native Samurai
    (Fusion of Native American and Japanese Culture)

    The design inspiration comes from the Samurai Warrior’s Helmet. The “V” shaped symbol found at the top of a Samurai Warrior inspired Ray to use this at the top of the Navajo Yei. Yei is actually the abbreviated word for the mythical holy figure in Navajo mythology known as Yei-Bei-Chei. Between the"V" is the design concept of an early morning Navajo sunburst.There are many Yeis indigenous to the land of ancient lore.  This is a male Yei depicted with a round head and the female figure is depicted with a square head.
  • Materials

    Sterling Silver
    Stones: Chinese Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx
  • Measurement

    Height: 2 3/4" with Bale
    Width: 1"

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